Managed to get Coheed’s set list yet again this year!I almost got a guitar pick too but the person that tossed it to me tossed to short and it fell behind the barricade.Security got to it and gave it away.
Just got home from the Coheed concert and had a blast.My hair is a frizzy  mess cause I got sweat in it. I’m beat.
Brb going to go see Coheed while looking like an angsty teen in harem pants.
People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires.
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hello darkness my old friend
—everyone in tokyo ghoul fandom rn (via anteikucafe)

Photographer: Sylva WelchHeadpiece: Bubbles and FrownMakeup: Alexia PetreModels: V Nixie, Laura Noxon, Leah Estella, Ming Vauz, Amanda Harris, Tina Guo, Lauren WK, Alexandra Mathews, and Aaron Sheppard.Studio: Pillar Box Studios